Big Anime Series You Need To Know About

Anime are animated films, games or visual novels that are fairly popular on the regions of Japan. All throughout the world the anime franchise has garnered plenty of fans and supporters. They come in various genre types, from romance to action. They are characterized with characters that are very well drawn with a penchant for humor or macabre in their theme. If you are a big fan of anime series that include hack and slash, and power exaggerations in them then you will definitely not want to miss two of the named anime series below.


The animated series known as Naruto is perhaps one of the most popular today. There isnít any anime fan who has never heard of this series before. Up till now the series is still continuing with over 500 chapters in its manga and over 300 episodes in television (fillers are included). The theme of the Naruto anime series is ninjas. All throughout the series you are able to witness ninjas with various kinds of techniques and powers duke it out against each other.

The ninjas in this series are equipped with powerful techniques known as jutsus. They perform a few hand seals and are able to attack with elemental type of attacks like throwing fireballs, waterballs, or energy blasts to defeat their enemies. Letís also not forget about the more tricky techniques ninjas are more famous for, which includes the substitution techniques in which a ninja will replace himself with a tree/log to escape an attack, all done in the blink of an eye. The main character of the series is Naruto (from the title), a rather dumb and prankster type of ninja who is shown to have very few talents in jutsus. In the later parts of the series Naruto grows up to be the greatest ninja there ever was, conquering all of his foes with determination and the will to never give up.

One Piece

If there are ninja types of anime series, then there is also one where the theme lies in Pirates. Thatís right, One Piece anime series is all about pirates. The setting of this series is more of a world where islands are scattered all over, and pirates roam the gigantic sea wreaking havoc and making adventures.

The story starts with the death of a pirate king. He is executed by the marines and the government of the world. The pirate king declares that he has hidden all his treasures in one place, and the next pirate generation after him must find this treasure (known as One Piece) to become the next pirate king. The declaration leaves the pirates all over the world in a state of excitement and zeal for adventure to seek out the great treasure the pirate king talks about. The protagonist of the story is Monkey D. Luffy, a small time pirate whose notoriety grows all throughout the series. He is also gifted with strange powers that transform himself into a man made up of rubber. So if youíre a big fan of pirates and romantic adventures, then One Piece may be the anime for you.