Business Ideas for the Senior Market

The senior market is undoubtedly growing. A lot of countries have reported that their senior population far exceeds their birth rate. This poses a lot of problems for these countries. For one, the country’s earning power is severely reduced, they have to spend resources in taking care of this demographic, and new facilities have to be made for them.

On the other side of this, the growing senior population will also mean that they comprise a huge portion of the market. This is where you come in. Starting a small business aimed at senior citizens will give you an advantage in terms of customer size, and they have to depend on other people for a lot of things, so there are many options for you.

Before you start thinking about the different business, you have to consider your target demographic first. For example, senior citizens have shaky hands, curved spines, altered taste buds, and limited mobility. These factors will limit your options although it can also provide you with new options that cater to these specific needs. With that in mind, here are some options for your business.

Senior Transportation

One of the most devastating changes a senior citizen will experience is their loss of ability to drive. This can be brought about by deteriorating eyesight, loss of hearing acuity, and difficulty with their movement. Once they learn that they can’t drive anymore, many feel that they have lost any access to the outside world. Not only will you have to come up with a business model that caters to their transportation, you also have to do it in style so that they won’t feel like disabled or handicapped persons.

For the elite senior citizens, you could fashion a limousine into a taxi. They can go for a drive anywhere they want, without giving the impression that they needed to be driven there. For the senior citizens though that live in small parts of the city or town, a small customized bus will do the trick. You can change the seats, decorate the exterior and even spend money on the exterior paint job. They won’t feel like you’re part of a community service and they’ll gladly use your service.

Speaking of service, make sure that you operate on a flexible schedule to accommodate their needs and wants. Remember that their schedule doesn’t revolve in nursing homes or bingo nights. Lastly, a transportation service would also keep them active even in their twilight years. They only need to be dropped off and picked up from a venue for them to enjoy parties or dinners with their friends.

Senior Concierge

This is closely related to a transportation service. It’s related in the sense that you still bring senior citizens to their destinations depending on their schedules. However as a concierge, you will also be in charge of bringing services to their doorstep. These services can be dry cleaning, domestic help, mobile vets, or beautician services. These help make the seniors’ lives more comfortable and also gives them a chance to use their income.

Adult Day Care

An adult day care is totally different from a nursing home. A nursing home is a medical institution where a senior citizen is housed and is taken care of. The relatives only visit them during their free time. During their stay there, the senior citizen is given opportunities to socialize with other members through games, sports, or other social activities. While it sounds like a relieving idea for the relatives, senior citizens have complained that they are not well taken care of and they feel bored during their stay in nursing homes.

Adult day cares, on the other hand, keep senior citizens active in the outside world. These institutions provide entertainment, day care and field trips. These will allow them to socialize with their peers while going out and about in the outside world (under monitoring of course). Another difference is a senior citizen can choose to stay at home while being “enrolled” in an adult day care. The day care’s transport just picks up the senior citizen in their home and drops them off there at the end of the day.

Tech Training

Senior citizens are easily lost in the technological age and they just can’t seem to catch up with the fast-paced times. Having lots of free time on their hands though gives them the perfect opportunity to spend a lot of time online, keeping themselves updated and allowing them to keep in touch with their relatives. On a psychological level, this is also one of the means in which they can still keep their independence. Though they can’t travel outside and visit their relatives easily, doing so online can give them a sense of accomplishment and independence.

With the rising interest for internet technology, a lot of seniors are turning to other people for help. They realize that they can’t simply call their sons, daughters, or grandkids whenever they have problems about their computer. You can create a simple online class for them, or establish small classes that teach basic computer skills like navigating the Internet or using e-mails.

Online Dating

A lot of senior citizens also realize that they want to rediscover love through comfortable methods. They are seriously disadvantaged because they don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet someone new and their methods are outdated. Aside from their limitation in location, their decreased stamina also dictates their schedule, severely decreasing their chances.

This is why a lot of senior citizens are now turning to the internet to meet new people. Whether it’s to rekindle their love life, for companionship, or for other personal means, they see online dating as a reliable solution for this. They can get to know other people by searching different user profiles through a filter they set up. Once they find someone they are interested in, keeping in touch is as simple as exchanging messages before they decide to meet in person. It saves them a lot of time and money in the process.

Another method for providing romance to senior citizens is through traditional matchmaking services. This is also a good idea since many senior citizens still can’t handle technology very well. They might already have trouble with logging in page. Instead of going through the hassle themselves, they can approach a matchmaking agency and let them find a match for them. This makes it comfortable for them and they will have a good idea about the other party through the agency. It’s also a very decent market, since matchmaking agencies that specifically cater to senior citizens have reported revenue increases every year.

If you’re thinking about starting a business (big or small), it’s always important to consider your target demographic. From what we’ve outlined above, there are a lot of business ideas for the senior market. Some of these don’t take a lot of capital while others require you to put up a lot of starting money. Choosing which business you want to try first will depend on your budget and location. Once you get past that, you’re already assured of your customers.