Huge Technological Advancements To Watch Out For

This article lists some of the biggest technological advancements to watch out for at the present day. Here are a few of the remarkable things worth talking about that are currently happening in the world of technology.

Stem Cell Heart Generation

The creation of a human heart from stem cells is a major step in organ generation. Two years ago, scientists successfully repaired a rat heart with the help of stem cells and the same team is also behind the latest breakthrough in human organ generation. If everything will be as planned, the heart will eventually grow and start beating involuntary. This breakthrough can overcome the hindrances of a heart transplant from donors.

MRI-PET Hybrid Imaging

Positron Emission Tomography or PET and Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI can simultaneously provide now the widest spectrum possible in the field of diagnostics. MRI, which examines soft bodily tissues, combined with PET, which is for structural evaluation, can offer an extremely detailed organ tissue imaging. This duo will be very good for evaluation of organs, for instance, liver damage, without exposure to radiation. However, integrating the two technologies can be a challenge since they donít play well together.

Nano Batteries

Nano batteries are the counterpart of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery at a size that is thousands of times tinier that your hair. However, unlike other nanobatteries, the new one is already built into a nanowire. This may be infinitesimal in its physical size but this can be a nanomachineís continuous power source in accomplishing whatever they were built for including surveying the cardiovascular system of a patient with heart disease.

Transparent Batteries

This year, the first totally transparent battery was actually created which means that the last hurdle in making transparent gadgets has been overcome.

Plasma Arc Waste Disposal

This technology can use the energy of lightning in turning garbage into glass or gas for another energy source. This technology is currently gaining impetus particularly in the waste disposal industry and is actually used at certain solid waste facilities. Its advantages range from less garbage in landfills to less carbon from incineration as well as making a natural gas power source. However, this technology is super expensive that only a few public bodies have the funds for it.

Ocean Desalination

Brackish water desalination is now widely used all through the country. However, there are two big questions being imposed alongside this technology. First, how will it affect or disturb the ecosystem of the ocean and second, what are we going to do with the salt brine?

Paperless Paper

For paper lovers, a product will soon be available that can provide you with the look and feel of a paper when using a digital device. Actually, the technology already exists but it has not been materialized yet into a marketable product. It is called an electronic paper. In time, plastic shells on e-readers will eventually become obsolete and you will be handling ìpaperî along with the bells and whistles of your Kindle and Nook.

Using EEG to Put the Brakes On

Now, certain notable advances on harnessing brain signals through electroencephalography or EEG have been noted. Some German scientists already figured out how EEG can be used in placing the breaks on a moving automobile. This is an important breakthrough since a normal personís reaction time in applying the brakes is typically long to prevent any accident. Scientists were able to show that when EEG is used, breaking distance is reduced by almost four meters which is the usual length of a normal-sized car.