Different Types Of Debt Consolidation Loans

There are several types of debt consolidation loans that are present today. There are loans that help borrowers to clear their credit issues while others also were designed to organize the borrower’s current debt. Other loans cover debts related to education loans and others. One thing that makes all these types common is their restrictions. This includes the legal age which is 18 and above, being a citizen of the country they have applied for, and showing proof of one’s earning ability.

Covering all the debts that you have is the main objective of consolidation loans. All the loans that you have right now including your credit card debts are merged into a single debt consolidation loan. There are great benefits for the borrower who will only have a single payment to make to the debt consolidation company instead of paying all of their previous creditors. This will reduce your stress as you will not be any more nagged by your previous creditors regarding your debts with them. If you manage to find an offer with lowest rates that will definitely work to your advantage. Otherwise it may make little sense to apply. Be careful when choosing the company so that you won’t incur more expenses than before. To avoid this scenario look for a registered and well established company on the market.

Two Major Types of Consolidation Loans

1) Secured

To be eligible, borrowers will only be allowed to apply for a debt consolidation loan if he or she is able to provide collateral. Lenders will secure the collateral which could be one of your assets. It could be your house, car, bank account and others.

It is a bit risky because any debt consolidation company has the right to take hold of your collateral whenever you fail to pay them. The reason why it has a low interest rate as well as involves a higher amount compared to the unsecured loan is because of its collateral.

2) Unsecured

There is obviously no collateral involved. Because of this it is expected that it has a higher interest rate compared to a secured loan. You only have a set amount of loan to get.

It is true that unsecured debt consolidation loans are safer compared to secured. Even though you don’t get the right amount of money that you ask for, at least you won’t worry about losing your house and other assets.

No matter the type you can also apply online and also do your search for them on the web looking for trusted lenders and saving some time. If you have any doubts contact a counselor or check other options.