Discipline Yourself

How can you effectively discipline yourself? Why would you want that anyway? Is any area in your life lacking control so you are feeling you could be better off with some firmer approach to benefit some more? You would have to first answer the question what needs a change and what is that exactly that you are after before you apply some slapdash method to achieve only chaos and then return to the previous state. The word discipline suggests a harsh and unrelenting grip on reality and yourself, flaggelleting and constant nagging to yourself, which, as you probably know, are ways that hardly ever work.

How to Achieve the Perfect Discipline

How do you imagine a perfectly disciplined mind? Who do you believe is a person that you could easily name as being disciplined and where does it come from? You become disciplined through persistent application of measures that lead to a particular goal that you set by yourself. You might be put off by some obstacles that come your way but that would be much expected, eg. going down with an illness, not having enough will power and so much more. But you can prevail if you have a clear plan and you stick to it at all times. You need to know yourself and if you have any tendency to procrastinate you need to find out why and how and when that tendency appears. Depending on the task you would also have to see how to manage it, given your particular difficulties with its level of difficulty, without the knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses you might get into some serious trouble if you attempt to accomplish everything within a short time, so give yourself a good look and see how much strength there is and how much more you need to add with time. Address the problem in a step by step manner, just like with physical exertion after a long period of being inactive due to the sedentary lifestyle. The overriding rule would be not to be overly aggressive towards the major aim or particularly hard on yourself when you find you have missed a step, you have been sidetracked or procrastinated yet again. Not everyone is born this way or was taught that perseverance pays in the end, though it does not always work that way, but this is the most useful skill in regard to any skill you would like to master or work or even yourself, but without the army like drilling. Simply approach the issue gently, reward yourself if you please or feel you cannot do otherwise and watch any effects that it could bring, or better yet, make it a process and stay away from the final results. When your desired state comes remain positive but do not make it your only life choice or jump for joy, simply remain watchful of how you progress from there, as once you achieve this point, it becomes impressively easy to defocus and lose track. Just do not make it your religion.