Getting Your Kids to Care for Pets

Having a pet can be a wonderful experience for your kids. Caring for one can teach them how to be responsible, compassionate, how to be sensitive and how to love animals. Some parents may not see it as an important factor for their kids to learn to care for animals. However, most kids who donít know how to show love to animals often grow up to be violent and cruel to animals.

Although it will be rewarding experience for your kids, you will need to teach them how to care for their pets. Oftentimes, this can be a hard task. The following tips can help you get your kids to care for their pets:

Give Your Kids Specific Assignments

Assigning specific chores to your kids can get them involved in taking care of their pet. You can give tasks like feeding the animal, giving it water or cleaning after it. However, you should make sure that they are capable of doing a task that you give them.

Often times, you may need to keep reminding your kids about the chores assigned to them. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat it over and over for your kids when they tend to forget, and never do the task yourself. It may be a good idea to set up a task chart where you can check which tasks have been done and see which ones need to be done.

Praise Your Kids And Give Rewards

If your kids do their job well in taking care of their pets and their assigned tasks, be generous with your praise and give them rewards for it. This can motivate them to keep caring for their pets.

Involve Your Kids In Certain Tasks

It is also important that you involve kids in certain tasks like giving your dogs a bath, taking them for a walk or playing with them. You can show them that youíre also interested in taking care of your pets by doing these activities with them. Your kids will gain interest in caring for pets once you set a good example for them.

Talk To Your Kids About Pets

To get them interested in taking care of their pets and animals, talk to your kids about how important it is to be kind to animals. Spark their interest by reading story books which have animal characters in it. You can also try looking over pictures and search for interesting animal facts through the internet or encyclopedia if your kids are old enough. Most importantly, let your children watch movies that are non-violent against animals and minimize those that show cruelty against animals.

Aside from your pets at home, spend time taking your kids to the zoo, aquarium, parks or even an animal shelter. Teach them how to be compassionate to animals by donating animal food in these places.

Let Your Kids Bond With Pets

Encourage your kids to spend time with pets. Teach them about the benefits of having and taking care of a pet. Let your kids pet your dog or cat. Teach them how to properly handle smaller pets like hamsters, rabbits, etc. show them how to gently handle these pets in order for their pets to feel comfortable with your kids and not develop fear.

Let your kids train, play, and feed and give treats to their pets. This will allow your pets and your kids to develop a bond between them. However, you need to supervise your kids as they spend time with their pets, especially toddlers. They tend to be curious about their pets and try to pull off their furs, limbs and other parts.