I Don’t Like My Appearance

There is no denying that one’s appearance greatly matters and your chances of success in the real world are often dictated by the way you look. It can however become a caricature of the pursuit of perfection and youthful appearance long into the age of 50 or more, as in the example of films stars and starlets who are relentlessly working to keep their skin intact by the ruinous touch of time long after it stopped making any sense.

No One Is Perfect

Although we pay attention to the way others look and can be quite contemptuous and disapproving openly of others’ choice of garment and their looks, we tend to fall victim to the misconception that we ourselves are immune to criticism and when it comes it feels unjustified. A well groomed person claims the spotlight with ease and carries herself or himself with the air of air of charisma while a shaggy looking individual is perceived in a negative light. However, no matter how perfect the look you achieve with your daily efforts and money spent, there will always be someone ready to criticize your appearance for nothing. What actually matters the most is how you see the world although the way the world sees you is also important.

Why the World Is Watching

Why is it that so many imperfect people are looking for perfection in others? Funnily, some Hollywood starlets have been quoted as worried over their bf’s lovelier looks, so it can be stretched even that far. Why it happens? It is not the question of norms, but the more someone deviates in some way from the norm, the more difficult it comes for them to be feeling accepted. What works then?

  • Take care of your body each day
  • Do it for yourself
  • Pick clothes that make you feel good
  • Let your personality shine through
  • Do not try to win the world, it is futile
  • Find people who appreciate you for what you are
  • Work on your character more
  • Take care of your body in a gentle way

That final point is especially important because when you start fighting your body to fit the rigid norms you will fail and become more bitter. You have a full figure you dislike? Why attempt to torture it into something else even if you don’t like the way it moves or draws stares? Who cares? You should only make it a point to give your body a workout that would be beneficial to you in the shorter and longer run. A run will do, but don’t overdo it.