Important Vitamins For A Healthy Skin

The skin is the bodyís greatest defense against the outside environment and it also provides support for your internal structures. Any break in the skin can be entry point for bacteria and other pathogens. Aside from that however, the skin also represents beauty.

A lot of people are often concerned with having fair and radiant skin, especially with women. Skin blemishes, uneven skin tones, scars, pimples and other skin conditions often pose as a problem for a lot of people. One way to avoid these problems is by keeping your skin healthy and nourished.
In order to keep your skin healthy, you need to take in an ample amount of these vitamins:

Vitamin E

Most commercial products and supplements for the skin often state that their product contains vitamin E. However, it is naturally occurring in food items like mangoes, avocado, tomatoes, and asparagus and even in broccoli. You can also find it in most skin care products like creams, lotions and is also sold as a supplement.

Why fuss about vitamin E for the skin? This vitamin acts as an anti oxidant. It tries to counteract the effects of free radicals that are present within the body. Free radicals are known to hasten effects of aging and can cause wrinkles, blemishes and other degenerative effects. The more antioxidants your body has, the lesser the effects of free radicals.

Vitamin C

Commonly found in fruits like oranges, papaya, pineapple and several other fruits. This vitamin is also a very potent anti oxidant and helps minimize the effects of free radicals within the body. Aside from that, it also plays a major role in the boosting the immune system. A deficiency in vitamin C can cause poor immune functions making you prone not only to skin problems, but to many ailments as well.

If youíre taking iron supplement, it is also advised to take vitamin C together with it or take in orange juice when taking one. Vitamin C allows ferrous sulfate or your iron supplement to be absorbed effectively within the intestines. Without vitamin C, only a little amount of iron will be absorbed.

Vitamin A

Although it is commonly attributed to helping maintain healthy eye site. Vitamin A also plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy. One of the forms of Vitamin A is retinol. This form of Vitamin A can be acquired from animal meat. It has been known to have an effect in stimulating the growth and replacement of epithelial cells.

The faster your epithelial cells reproduce, the faster the dead cells are being shed off and replaced. This allows your skin to look healthy and radiant. Most skin care products contain retinol as an ingredient.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is made up of a group of B vitamins which are needed by the body not only for maintaining a healthy skin, but for other internal functions as well. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause adverse effects that can range from mild to severe. To keep your skin healthy, itíd be wise to eat a balanced meal and take in supplements as prescribed by your doctor. Although these vitamins are needed for healthy skin, too much may also cause other problems. That is why it is important to consult your physician or adhere to the recommended dosage when taking supplements.